“The classroom remains the most radical space of possibility in the academy”
― bell hooks

The Classroom & Teaching

I love adult learners and the classroom. I have believed that classrooms are collaborative places where knowledge is shared and communities of learners are created since I started my teacher training in undergrad. I was a North Carolina Teaching Fellow and after spending years traveling to schools, watching teachers, and learning about pedagogy, I realized that nothing in the academy can be more transformative than the classroom.

I strive to make my classroom an inclusive spaces, where all participants can move freely without the fear of harassment, where a diverse set of ideas and opinions are celebrated, and where the curriculum includes many voices and the experiential knowledge of students. Experiential learning, challenging each other, and listening are the cornerstones of a productive learning space.

I have taught in a high school classroom, and at two universities, Appalachian State and The University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Below you will find I list of university courses I have taught and the syllabi for them.